3 Simple Steps to Crush Your Fears and Become a More Confident, Compelling, Captivating Speaker...
In Just 12 Minutes

No more sweaty palms, thumping chest, paralyzing fear, “sandpaper” throat, or awkward “um-um”s.
My three simple strategies will help you grab the microphone brimming with confidence, calmly stroll on stage, dazzle the audience, and leave them spellbound.

In this free video, you will discover:

  • A central aspect of public speaking that you MUST focus on--yet shockingly few speakers think about it for even a split second.
  • A powerful piece of business advice from Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran, that I’ve adapted to my public speaking to achieve massive success.
  • A common experience you have all day long and perform on autopilot--yet it can dramatically improve your confidence and abilities. 
  • A simple trick used by top speakers to make your delivery smoother, easier, and way more natural.

"Victoria is a coaches’ coach. Her coaching style is smooth, fun, entertaining and very enjoyable. She coaches from a place of experience, authenticity and honesty. I would highly recommend her coaching and her program, the Brilliant Speakers Academy, to anyone looking for help and guidance in the area of public speaking."

Mike Petrusek
Expert Sales Coaching and Sales Management Consulting

"Victoria is super talented and owns the KEY to public speaking. She is responsive, supportive, and has excellent problem-solving skills. She communicates in a simple and easy to understand manner. And she doesn't stop at teaching, she follows up to ensure you achieve your purpose."

Kafilat Nafiu
Medicare Marche Pharmaceutical Limited

"I loved the tips on how to shift the fear of public speaking. The Brilliant Speakers Formula strategies put me at ease that public speaking was possible for me!"

Mara Dower
Marketing Strategist

"The Brilliant Speakers Formula took me father along the process in terms of getting concrete ways to overcome fear. My biggest win was understanding R.A.P.P.O.R.T."

Paul Upchurch
PuntRoad Entertainment

Hi, I'm Victoria!

I teach introverted entrepreneurs and business professionals how to overcome their public speaking fear and transform into confident, compelling, and captivating speakers.

After moving to the US two decades ago with limited English and a crippling fear of public speaking, I built several businesses, taught in a variety of industries, and spoke in front of small and large audiences. I appeared on Fox News and have been featured in numerous publications, including CBS Houston and BizWest Media.

I am the founder of an online public speaking coaching program for introverted entrepreneurs, Brilliant Speakers Academy™. 

I am absolutely thrilled to embark on this journey of transformation and self-discovery with you. Can't wait to hear what you think about all the cool things you're about to learn!

Victoria Lioznyansky


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