Are you an introvert who is ready to conquer the fear of public speaking and transform into a confident, compelling, and captivating speaker?


Public speaking...

What images do these two simple words evoke in your mind? How do you feel when you picture yourself standing on a stage alone, in front of a sea of faces?

Do you feel exhilarated and alive, excited to engage with your audience, and thrilled to have the opportunity to connect to more people? 


Do your feel your mouth go dry, your hands become icy cold, and your mind go blank?

If you are like most people, the second scenario is probably still running through your mind.

About 75% of all people rank public speaking as their #1 fear, followed by the fear of dying.

As Jerry Seinfeld famously joked, “If you go to a funeral, you're better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.” Ouch, gotta love Jerry’s sense of humor!

And by the way, if the second scenario describes you, I totally hear you! For the longest time I was right there with you!

Hi, I'm Victoria Lioznyansky, and I help introverts overcome their fear of public speaking.

After having a pretty traumatic experience with public speaking growing up, the whole idea of speaking in front of large audiences was absolutely terrifying to me. Just the sight of a microphone would send me into full-blown panic mode.

It took decades of trial and error to not only transform myself into a confident, passionate, and engaging public speaker but to also deconstruct what I’ve learned along the way. As a result, I was able to structure it into a solid, repeatable, and teachable framework.

In the past few years I have spoken to educate, to promote, to persuade, and even to entertain. And let me tell you, I loved every second of it!

And now I'm here to show you how.

What’s your story?

Are you terrified of speaking in public but dream of being viewed as a thought leader in your field by your peers and clients (and want to make more money in your business as a result)?

Do you have an overwhelming anxiety when you step onto a stage but want to advance your influence and impact your clients in a profound and meaningful way?

Do you believe that only those who are born with a special “public speaking talent” are meant to be on stage?

Then you've come to the right place. Because I can honestly tell you right now, you have what it takes! You've always had it. All of us do. It just needs to be unlocked!


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