The Major Mindset Shift You Must Adopt to Become a Great Public Speaker

Can you guess what is the biggest mindset block in public speaking?

If you're like most people in the world, you're either afraid of public...

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How to Be a Great Public Speaker When You Are an Introvert

Can you be a great public speaker if you are an introvert?

Let's see: crowds drain us, we hate being the center of attention, we absolutely prefer...

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How to Face an Unexpected Problem or a Difficult Situation

In business and in life things happen sometimes, right? And very often, things happen without any warning. One moment, everything is great and the...

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What to Do When There Are People In the Audience Who Make You Uncomfortable?

Have you ever done a presentation where you are on stage, and there is somebody in the audience that you absolutely do not want to be there, that...

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How To Engage Your Audience and Not Be Boring

I get a lot of questions about public speaking and this one is probably one of the most common: How do I make sure that my audience stays engaged...

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The Secret to Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

Mark Twain famously said, "There are only types of speakers in the world. "The nervous and the liars." In fact, 75% of people in the world state...

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Tips for appearing on live TV

Last week, I posted a question in my Brilliant Speaker's Club Facebook group. The question was: would you rather speak on stage in front of 100...

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Tips for Building a Quick Rapport

Today we're going to talk about 10 time-tested tips for building an instant rapport. Building a rapport during face to face meetings is definitely...

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Power of Smiling in Public Speaking

Power of smile in public speaking is something we don't know about often enough. We all know how to smile, we've been smiling all our life, it...

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Should You Memorize Your Presentation?

You have a big event coming up where you're supposed to speak and you're all stressed out over the biggest what if of public speaking: What if I...

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