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Victoria Lioznyansky is the founder of Brilliant Speakers Academy®, a transformational program that's helped 100s of high-level professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs conquer their public speaking anxiety for good so they can skyrocket their career or business. 

For over a decade, she tried everything to overcome her crippling public speaking anxiety. She realized that traditional speaking programs don’t work. They just mask fear with tricks and band-aid solutions, instead of eliminating it. 

With an engineering background, Victoria developed a framework to actually get rid of this fear from the inside out. 

Since then, she’s gone on to build several successful businesses. She’s appeared on Fox Morning News and media outlets including NBC, CBS, Houston Chronicle, and BizWest Media. She's also the host of the Confidence Within podcast. 

Victoria has a Master's degree in Computer Science and a Master's degree in Communications and Media Technologies. She lives in Houston with her husband, two sons, three dogs, and two cats.

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