Episode 38 - How to Find Greater Alignment & Fulfillment in Your Career and Personal Life: Interview with Santana Inniss

Are you struggling to feel aligned with your career or personal life? Battling burnout or imposter syndrome? Join us in this rejuvenating episode of Confidence Within podcast as we explore how to find alignment in your life with Master Certified Alignment Coach, Santana Inniss. 

After months of feeling burnt out and misaligned with her career, Santana finally asked herself this life-changing question: “What do I need to be doing differently in my work life so that my work life can never pull me so far away from what feels like my own true north?” This question truly changed everything for her… and it can for you too. 

When you’re in alignment, you’re in the flow. When you’re in the flow, you’re fired up and filled with inspiration, creativity, and purpose. If you’re seeking a greater sense of alignment in your personal life or career, you’re in the right place. 

Listen in to Santana’s incredible insights and learn how to overcome limiting beliefs, unlock your truest potential, and find fulfillment in your life. 

By the end of this episode, you’ll have actionable steps you can take to reconnect with your purpose and pursue anything with confidence. 


[00:38] Introducing Santana Inniss. 

[01:32] What does it mean to feel “out of alignment” and why is it important to live authentically? 

[05:53] Santana’s advice on what to do when you feel out of alignment + Her personal experience with burnout and feeling misaligned. 

[12:50] How to find alignment in a job that is negatively affecting your health or happiness (without quitting). 

[21:04] Dealing with imposter syndrome in switching careers, pursuing a promotion, starting a business, etc. 

[27:36] How to know your thoughts and beliefs are limiting you. 

[30:22] Actionable steps for overcoming limiting beliefs and pursuing a new career with confidence. 

[34:31] The #1 action you can take today to find alignment and purpose in your life. 


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