Episode 34 - All the Details About My FREE Live 3-day Challenge “Ignite Your Speaking Confidence”

Still struggling with public speaking? Mark your calendar for something special! 

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that traditional speaking programs just don’t work.

At best, they might teach you a few “hacks” to act more confident (while still feeling miserable inside). 

At worst, you’ll learn techniques that seem helpful, but really increase your anxiety. 

It’s time to stop following these band-aid solutions and actually get rid of the underlying fear. 


Ignite Your Speaking Confidence - a FREE 3-day live challenge! 

I created this immersive event to help you learn and implement the ONLY evidence-based approach to conquering your fear once and for all. 

This method has helped 100s of high-achieving professionals become confident speakers and skyrocket their careers. 

And now, I’m giving you the bite-sized version for free - with daily live trainings, impactful action steps, and Q&As! 

In just 3 days, you’ll discover… 

  • 4 lies you’ve been told about how to overcome your fear of public speaking… and why they’re actually holding you back 
  • 5 radical mindset shifts that can change everything… allowing you to obliterate your speaking anxiety from the inside out 
  • The 4 steps that anyone can take to become a confident, assertive, and captivating speaker 

Bonus #1: Showcase your new habits and get feedback with a 3-minute video presentation (optional- but by day 3, it won’t seem so scary!) 

Bonus #2: Get support and network with other professionals struggling with public speaking in the exclusive, invite-only Facebook group (optional). 

It’s all happening live October 25th - October 27th at 8pm ET (5 pm PT). 

Register for the challenge: https://www.igniteyourspeakingconfidence.com/


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