Episode 28 - Unleashing the Champion Within: Interview with 3-Time Olympian Courtney Hurley

Jul 26, 2023

Have you ever dreamed of the thrill of victory on the grandest stage of all? Join us in this inspiring episode of the Confidence Within podcast as we delve into the remarkable fencing career of three-time Olympic épée fencer, Courtney Hurley.

From her early start in fencing at the age of 5 to her historic bronze medal win at the London Olympics alongside her sister Kelley, Courtney's story is one of dedication, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence.

Discover how Courtney's infectious excitement and unwavering mindset of pushing through challenges propelled her and her sister to an Olympic bronze medal, etching their names in fencing history.

Courtney also unveils the true reality of life after Olympic success as she discusses the lack of financial support for fencers in the United States. Courtney challenges the misconceptions surrounding sponsorships and social media work and offers candid insights into the struggles faced by athletes striving to maintain their dedication and love for the sport despite financial constraints.

If you’re seeking inspiration from extraordinary individuals, prepare to be captivated by Courtney’s remarkable journey and unwavering spirit. Tune in to discover the mindset required to navigate obstacles and find fulfillment in the pursuit of excellence.


[00:41] Introducing Courtney Hurley

[02:40] Courtney's beginnings in fencing at the age of 5 and her subsequent passion for the sport.

[06:30] How Courtney managed the demands of college while prioritizing her fencing career.

[08:50] Courtney's journey to qualifying for the Olympics after her first World Cup appearance and her mindset during the London Olympics.

[15:48] The financial struggles faced by fencers in the United States and the support system that helped Courtney overcome them.

[19:30] Courtney's decision to venture into coaching as a means to address the financial limitations of pursuing a fencing career.

[21:59] The challenges and misconceptions surrounding Olympic success and the financial aspects of the sport.

[24:20] The significance of Courtney's identity as an Olympic fencer and the dedication required to pursue the sport despite challenges.

[29:22] Courtney's reflections on her journey and her aspirations for the future.


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Courtney Hurley’s TEDx Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvPSJMBktaw


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