Episode 18 - Conquering Imposter Syndrome: Interview with Therapist Irina Marc

Have you ever felt like a fraud in your personal or professional life, despite your accomplishments? This feeling is known as imposter syndrome, and it affects many people. In this episode, my guest Irina Marc, a trained psychotherapist and coach, joins me to discuss imposter syndrome and how to overcome it. 

Irina shares her journey to finding true happiness and fulfillment and how imposter syndrome played a role in her life. She also explains the history and signs of imposter syndrome and the impact it can have on our everyday lives. 

We explore the role of cultural conditioning and genetics in developing imposter syndrome, and how perfectionism and analysis paralysis can be telltale signs that you have it.

​​Irina offers several practical exercises and techniques to change your perspective and reduce imposter syndrome’s hold on your life.

If you struggle with imposter syndrome or want to learn more about it, this episode is for you. Don't miss out on Irina's insights and expertise. 

And if you want to learn more about living your most authentic life, head to Irina's website at https://www.irinamarc.com/ and check out her 10 Essential Qualities of Living Your Most Authentic Life. 


Key Highlights

[00:39] Introducing Irina Marc

[02:40] Irina shares her personal journey towards becoming a psychotherapist and an optimist

[06:00] Irina delves into the history of imposter syndrome

[07:57] The signs and symptoms of imposter syndrome and how to recognize if you are suffering from it

[14:00] Irina discusses the root causes of imposter syndrome, including the role of cultural conditioning and genetics

[21:00] We talk about the discomfort of accepting compliments and provide insight on how to overcome it

[24:20] Irina offers practical advice and exercises to reduce the impact of imposter syndrome in your life


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