Episode 17 - Should I Join Toastmasters If I Struggle with the Fear of Public Speaking?

If you struggle with public speaking anxiety, you may have wondered if joining Toastmasters is the right solution. In this episode of the Confidence Within podcast, I explore the effectiveness of Toastmasters for those dealing with the fear of public speaking. 

While Toastmasters can be a great platform for those who experience only minor nerves and want to practice speaking in a supportive environment, it may not be the best starting point for those with genuine anxiety. Pushing through the fear by practicing public speaking while feeling anxious can be counterproductive, as it reinforces the habit of feeling scared while speaking. Instead, I recommend focusing on building an unshakeable inner confidence to overcome your public speaking anxiety, and only then honing your speaking skills at places like Toastmasters. 

By focusing on the right foundation, you can build a lifelong solution that will help you speak with authority and confidence in any room. 

Tune in to this episode to learn more about why Toastmasters is not the solution for your public speaking anxiety and how to build a foundation of inner confidence to truly conquer your fears and speak confidently in any room. 

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