Episode 16 - A Journey from Public Speaking Anxiety to International Speaker and Radio Host: Client Spotlight Interview with Irina Sorrels

Are you someone who has an important message to share with the world but feels held back by a fear of public speaking? In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Irina Sorrels, a former Brilliant Speakers Academy student who overcame her fear of public speaking and went on to build a successful career as an international speaker. 

Irina shares her journey of how she transformed from feeling afraid to speak publicly to becoming an author, founder of a training center for women mentors, a radio host, and an international speaker on domestic and sexual violence, inspiring lives all over the world with her message. 

She reflects on what inspired her to join the Brilliant Speakers Academy and how it helped her gradually build her career to be where she is today. 

If you're someone who has a message to share with the world but feels held back by the fear of public speaking, this episode is for you. And if you're curious about Brilliant Speakers Academy, Irina also shares what she enjoyed most about the program and working with me as well as what she wants people considering the program to know. 


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