Episode 13 - Why ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ Doesn’t Apply to Public Speaking

Welcome to another episode of the Confidence Within podcast. In this episode, we will challenge the well-known phrase "practice makes perfect" and examine its relevance to public speaking. 

While this saying is often used to refer to developing muscle memory in activities such as playing an instrument or learning a sport, it doesn't necessarily hold true for public speaking. Despite years of practice, many individuals still struggle with public speaking and experience anxiety and discomfort. 

So, what's the reason behind this? We'll explore this topic by tweaking the familiar phrase a bit. Instead of "practice makes perfect," I propose that "practice makes permanent." When you repeatedly practice speaking with fear and a lack of confidence, you're reinforcing that negative experience. This, in turn, cements a negative association with public speaking, which is not what we want. 

In this episode, I’ll share with you the essential elements to address first to start practicing the right way. Tune in now to discover how to improve your public speaking skills… the right way!


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