Episode 12 - A Journey to Finding Voice and Confidence: Client Spotlight Interview with Stefanie Cabaniss

Stefanie Cabaniss, a former student of the Brilliant Speakers Academy, is the featured guest in this episode of the Confidence Within podcast. In under two years, Stefanie has gone from being intimidated by public speaking to hosting her own podcast and founding a coaching business.

Stefanie loved public speaking as a child, so losing that enjoyment to nervousness later in life was difficult for her.

During our conversation, Stefanie shares her inspiration for enhancing her public speaking abilities and the toughest obstacles she faced in overcoming her limiting beliefs and fears. She talks about her background prior to enrolling in Brilliant Speakers Academy, the impact the program has had on her life, her favorite aspects of it, and her current perspective on speaking in front of people.

Stefanie’s involvement in Brilliant Speakers Academy was driven by a larger purpose than just overcoming her fear of public speaking. Following the loss of a dear friend, she sought to spread the hope she found and inspire others that life goes on after loss. She offers grief support for Christian women through her podcast, coaching, and writing. 


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