Episode 7 - From Meeting Room Anxiety to Media Stardom: Client Spotlight Interview with Matt Thompson

Feb 15, 2023

On this episode of the Confidence Within podcast, I'm joined by Matt Thompson, a creator of ridiculous, clever, and over-the-top inventions you never knew you needed, who has garnered over a million followers on social media and the attention of major media outlets.

As his inventions brought him more visibility, he was turning down interviews and podcasts due to the overpowering panic he felt around sharing his words in public. Matt also recalls feeling exhausted by his fear that a reason might arise for him to speak.

He finally had enough of feeling this way, so he joined my Brilliant Speakers Academy. After completing the program, he is now not only comfortable with public speaking (including interviews with the largest US and world media outlets!), but he actually enjoys speaking in front of people, which makes me so proud! Compared to the Matt who initially joined my program, the person you hear in this recording is remarkably different. 

During our conversation, Matt discusses what motivated him to be a part of my program, what his favorite part of working with me was, and how he feels about public speaking now. He also shares the amazing journey of turning his hobby into a media magnet and a thriving business. 


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