Episode 5 - Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking as an Introvert: Client Spotlight Interview With Roos Vos

Feb 01, 2023

Introverts, listen up! If you believe speaking isn't your strong suit and that you have to stay away from the spotlight—think again. Today’s guest is Roos Vos, an introverted entrepreneur who was able to conquer her fear of public speaking in my coaching program! 

A little about Roos: She’s a business coach based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, who previously ran a very successful children's store and created her own children’s brand. After COVID hit, she decided to become a business coach full-time to share her massive expertise and experience with other business owners. But being an introvert, she found it hard to promote her coaching program and speak on camera and on podcasts. 

Roos learned about me and my Brilliant Speakers Academy® coaching program through one of my interviews where I talked about my own experience overcoming the fear of public speaking as an introvert. After working with me in the program, Roos came out of her shell and has gained the confidence to launch her own podcast, expand her business, and speak publicly at any opportunity she got. 

For years, Roos had felt her shyness and a lack of confidence in speaking hijacking her true career potential. But not any longer. She's never going back to that place of fear, and neither should you—do not trap yourself in there. Once the fear is gone, it is gone for good. 

This show is brought to you by my Brilliant Speakers Academy® program. Brilliant Speakers Academy® is an in-depth coaching program for high-level professionals and entrepreneurs. It’s designed to obliterate your fear of public speaking for good, drastically improve your communication and presentation skills, and help you show up with genuine confidence, authority, and brilliance. To learn more about the program, go to www.BrilliantSpeakersAcademy.com.

Until next time!

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