Episode 2 – How I Conquered the Fear of Public Speaking: My Own Journey

Jan 10, 2023

I was ten years old when I ran off stage in tears after my first major failure in public speaking. 

I’d memorized a poem that I had to recite in front of 1,000s of people. And you probably already guessed it: despite my best efforts, I froze on stage. Words wouldn’t come out of my mouth. The faces in the crowd dissolved into darkness. My legs were shaking. I was drenched in hopeless fear. I ran off stage in tears, not knowing that this fear would stay with me for years. 

While I had a successful professional and entrepreneurial career and felt confident in my abilities at work, the fear of public speaking held me back from fully showing up and performing my best. That was when I decided to put in the effort to do something about the fear. 

Guess what the first thing I learned in my journey to becoming a masterful public speaker was? To NOT believe in the myths (yes, myths!): “Fake it till you make it”, “Keep practicing and you’ll get better”, “Just push through the fear” (there are countless more). 

Head over to this episode as I share my journey with you. 


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