What Will My Audience Think of Me?

It’s natural to wonder what the audience will think of you, but worrying about the opinions of others is the main cause of many people’s fear of public speaking.

Watch this video to find out how shifting your mindset and perspective can help—and what question you should ask instead.

Hello there. I'm Victoria Lioznyansky and I help entrepreneurs overcome their fear of public speaking and transform into confident, compelling, and captivating speakers.

And today, we are answering the biggest question in public speaking. You know which one it is? What will my audience think of me?

Has this question ever crossed your mind? I bet it has, because if you're truthful to yourself, this is really what you are probably thinking before you go on stage and on stage. That's where the fear stems from, that's what most people are concerned with, and that's what prevents them from being the greatest speakers they can be. What will my audience think of me?

About 20 years ago, I watched a movie called The Mirror Has Two Faces with Barbra Streisand. And what happened in the movie, Barbra Streisand's screen mom was telling her daughter, "What will our neighbors say?" She was really concerned about that. And Barbra Streisand answered, "Mom, who's watching?"

And that really struck such a big chord within me. Because truthfully, who's watching? We are so concerned in every day life with what everybody thinks of us, that we forget that nobody cares!

Yes, I hate to break it to you, nobody really cares. Nobody's really watching.Everybody's really so much wrapped up in their own lives, they don't really care. And we spend our whole lives trying to be somebody we're not just because we think somebody's watching.

And that's what happens on stage. We step on stage and all we're concerned with is what will my audience think of me? What if I make a mistake? What if they think I'm stupid? What if they think I'm not articulate enough? What if they think I'm not pretty enough? What if they think I'm not perfect enough? What if they think I'm not whatever enough? And that thought keeps rolling in our head the whole time.

And the people in the audience, they're not even thinking about you. They're not out there to judge you or critique you, they are living their own lives. They're probably thinking there, "I don't know what to cook for dinner tonight," or, "How am I gonna make my kids do homework?"

So what do you do, how do you get rid of that question in your head that's nagging you, what will they say? Well, you replace it with a different question. And that question is how can I make them feel.

So, instead of asking yourself what does my audience think of me, you ask yourself how can I make them feel. You take the focus away from you and you put it on your audience, and watch the magic unfold.

Because you see, when you shift the focus from you to them, you no longer care about what they think about you or how much they criticize you. That is not even on your mind. What's on your mind is how can I impact them in the most profound way, how can I educate them in the best way, how can I influence them, how can I transform them. And that's what's gonna make you a great speaker.

So, take that question, what will my audience think of me, and throw it away. And instead, always think how am I going to make them feel right now.

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