Should I Tell My Audience That I Am Nervous?

Admitting your nerves on-stage does make you more vulnerable and relatable—but is it the best way to be a captivating public speaker? Watch this video to find out!

Hello, everyone! I'm Victoria Lioznyansky and I help entrepreneurs overcome the fear of public speaking, and transform into confident, compelling and captivating speakers.

And today we're going to be answering this question: Should I admit to my audience, while I'm on stage, that I'm nervous? What do you think? Please head over to the comments and let me know what you think before you listen to the rest of the video, because I would love to know that.

Now, a lot of people feel that it's okay to tell your audience, “I'm scared, I'm really nervous here, oh I'm sorry but, you know, please forgive me.” Yes, it does make you more vulnerable and hence more relatable. You do want to be vulnerable and relatable on stage. However, it doesn't really create a bond with the audience.

But what's more important is while you know you're nervous—you feel nervous, and you think everybody sees it—your audience has no clue. Most of the time, in the vast majority of cases, you are not going to come across as nervous or scared, even when you are.

Now you probably won't come across as particularly engaging and you probably won't be making a real, true authentic connection with the audience when you are scared. But you won't project those anxieties. Your audience most likely will not know. So for you to say “Hi I'm blah blah, and I'm nervous” makes absolutely no sense.

When they see you onstage, most of the time your audience already sees you as an expert. Only because you're there, and we're here. They already think you know your stuff. They already think you have the guts to be there.

So do not admit that you are nervous. There are lots and lots of ways to engage with your audience. To captivate them, to influence them, to transform them. But saying forgive me, I'm a little nervous over here, is not one of them.

So remember, no matter how you feel, do not admit it and your audience will never know.

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