3 Biggest Myths of Public Speaking

Are public speakers born or made? Do you need to be an extrovert to be a public speaker? Are great public speakers ever nervous? In this video, I will debunk three most common myths about public speaking that might be holding you back from becoming a confident, compelling, and captivating speaker.

i, I'm Victoria Lioznyansky and I have help entrepreneurs overcome their fear of public speaking and transform into confident, compelling, and captivating speakers. And today, we are talking about the three biggest myths of public speaking.

Myth number one: Public speakers are born, not made. Okay, what do you think about this one? Do you believe in it? Personally, I think there are some people who are born entertainers. They have no problem being in the spotlight, they enjoy speaking in front of crowds, they are funny and engaging and entertaining, and they end up being actors and stand up comedians. Then the rest of the world is us. Right? Most of the people out there are not born entertainers. Most of the people that are out there are naturally shy and are not looking forward to being the center of attention.

So what do we do? What do we do, those of us who are not born entertainers? Do we just never speak in public? Of course not. Public speaking is a skill. It is not a talent. It is something that can be taught and learned. And most of the public speakers out there, they started as not so great. In fact, some of us started from being so horrible that it's embarrassing to even remember how it was to be on stage when we just started. But you know what? You learn it. You internalize it. You practice it. You get better and better and better. And as you get better, one day somebody will come to you, and will say you are amazing, you are a natural. And you're just gonna laugh about it because you know you are not a natural. But it will appear that way to everybody on the outside. It will appear that you are a naturally born speaker.

Myth number two. Public speakers aren't nervous. I have to admit I always believed in this. I thought that those of us who are nervous appear nervous and you know, we are nervous. And then those who appear confident, they're not nervous at all. Then, I witnessed a few public speakers before they went on stage and I was surprised, absolutely surprised to see how stressed they were. You see them on stage and they're confident and they ooze the sense of I belong on stage. I belong in the spotlight. But when you see them before they step on stage, they're all stressed out, they're clearly nervous, they're you know, walking and pacing. You see them and it's just an amazing transformation. And that made me realize that being nervous is just a part of it.

That nervousness may never go away. It never goes away for most people. Most people, even the greatest of the greatest public speakers still have butterflies in their stomach before a big presentation. But guess what? It's all about taking that nervous energy and transforming it into the energy on stage. It's all about learning how to control this fear, how to harness this fear. It's not about getting rid of this fear. It may never go away. It's about learning to control it and making it a part of your on-stage experience.

Myth number three. You have to be an extrovert to be a great public speaker. So let me ask you, are you an extrovert or an introvert? Because personally, I am an introvert. I am a really, really, really big introvert. If you give me a choice to go and socialize with people or be by myself, most of the time I'll probably choose being by myself because this is how I recharge. As an introvert, I recharge by being by myself, not by talking to other people. But guess what? As an introvert, not wanting to be the center of attention is actually what makes you a great public speaker. I know, it's kind of counter-intuitive but it's true. As an introvert, when you're on stage, you do not want to be the center of attention, right? You want to take that focus and put it on your audience. And when you put all your focus on the audience, when you make your audience the center of attention, magic happens. That's when you make a real connection with your audience. That's when you make their experience the most amazing. That's when you become the great public speaker that you were dreaming of being.

So as an introvert, you're halfway there. You already know how not to be the center of attention, how to put focus on somebody else. As an extrovert, you're also halfway there because, yes, you do love being the center of attention, you are confident, now you just have to learn how to take focus away from you and put it on your audience. So it's two different approaches to public speaking, two different ways of how you would look at that. But it makes no difference whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, you can be a great public speaker.

I hope you found this video helpful and now it's your turn. Please head over to the comments and let me know if any of these myths resonated with you. And of course, please like and share this video. I can't wait to hear from you. Good luck and I'll see you soon.


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