I’ll Teach You My Proven Secrets for Becoming a Confident, Engaging Speaker and Commanding Every Room, Video or Podcast

with Victoria Lioznyansky,
founder of Brilliant Speakers Academy®


I’ll Teach You My Proven Secrets for Becoming a Confident, Engaging Speaker and Commanding Every Room, Video or Podcast

with Victoria Lioznyansky
founder of Brilliant Speakers Academy®

Victoria Lioznyansky
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Are you an ambitious business professional who wants to be able to captivate live or virtual audiences to boost your career or business?

Are you tired of feeling stressed, worried, and paralyzed with fear and self-doubt for days before a presentation?

Have you missed out on countless career, business, and financial opportunities because you haven't felt comfortable stepping into the spotlight?

Have you tried other public speaking courses or Toastmasters but so far nothing has worked to prevent your anxiety and terror in front of an audience?

If you're ready to make a real, lasting change then join me in this free online Masterclass to learn:

  • How to ignite your speaking confidence so you can command any stage and skyrocket your business or career.

  • The three self-sabotaging mistakes you're making and how to fix them in order to no longer feel anxious in front of any audience (whether on stage, in a meeting, on camera, or on a podcast).

  • Four critical steps to overcome your fear of public speaking and deliver a powerful presentation to impact, empower, motivate... and to be seen as a true leader.

This Masterclass might NOT be a good fit for you if...

  • You are looking for a magical quick fix. What I teach my students completely changes the way they approach public speaking, the way they're thinking about their audience, and the way they see themselves. I teach a life-long solution to conquering the fear of speaking, not a quick band-aid fix.

  • You are set in your ways on what works and what doesn't. I'm going to challenge your beliefs so please come with an open mind.

  • You are just learning English and struggle with day-to-day communications. This is NOT a a class on how to speak English confidently. This Masterclass and my entire framework were specifically designed for business professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking to improve their communication skills and transform into confident and engaging speakers in a professional environment.

Read what other masterclass attendees said...

"Victoria, you are really a genius. I am watching again your brilliant Masterclass."

- Enrique Santander

"Victoria is super talented and owns the KEY to public speaking."

- Kafilat Nafiu

"Great session! Turning on that switch made all the difference."

- Tonya Brown

Hi, I'm Victoria!

Fun fact #1: Surprisingly for someone teaching public speaking, English is NOT my first language. And after living in the U.S. for 25 years, I'm still rocking my Eastern European accent.

Fun fact #2: I'm a massive introvert.

Listen, I've been where you are right now. I used to be absolutely terrified of public speaking. In fact, the spotlight was something I avoided at all costs. 

Today, speaking in front of virtual or live audiences is one of my favorite things. Overcoming my fear of public speaking propelled my corporate career and helped me build several successful businesses.

But most importantly, it allowed me to create a unique step-by-step program to help hundreds of my students conquer their own fear of speaking and massively uplevel their lives.

I'm so proud of you for investing your time and effort into this Masterclass, and I'll see you inside!

Victoria Lioznyansky,
founder of Brilliant Speakers Academy®

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